Social Tennis

Social tennis at The Albert Club

We have five social tennis sessions for members during the week and at weekends...


The format will depend on the attendees on the night: Either full games with players rotating in when finished (as it was before); or half hour sessions with clockwise rotations (like Saturday session).

7-9pm, courts 1-6. 

Cost is £3.50 per session. 

An organised, coach-led session for players revisiting the tennis or improver players looking for more practice. 

Advanced players are welcome but will need to understand the needs of less experienced players. 

6-8pm, courts 1-3. 

Free member-led session for those returning to tennis or a current player and can hold a rally. 

A great place to meet new people and have a pizza or drink after.

2-4:30pm, courts 1-6. 

Free, member-led social session. Players should be able to serve, volley and maintain a rally.  

If you find the standard of this session too challenging, we recommended you try Thursday Social Matchplay or Tuesday Social.

2-4pm, courts 4-6. 

A free, member-led session open to all levels.

We also have some coach lead group sessions, which are available to members and non-members alike from our Coaching page. 

These are a fantastic way of meeting new people and trying out the club.