Box Leagues

We have singles and doubles tennis box leagues which are run via the Scala app - available for Android and IOS.

Simply download the Scala app or from your app/play store of choice. Once downloaded to your phone or tablet search for 'Albert' to view and join our box leagues.

If a box league is currently in progress - each round usually lasts 2-3 months - you can still arrange singles or doubles friendly matches.

The next round of box leagues will run from 31 Jan to 10 April 2022, so sign up before then if you want to play. All those who played in the previous round will be automatically entered.

Singles Box League - final tables - Oct to Dec 2021

Box 1 winner: Will Marsden

Box 2 winner: Brian Taylor

Box 3 winner: Dan Whitney

Box 4 winner: Andy Gardiner

Box 5 winner: Nick Chadwick

Box 6 winner: Edward Brown

Box 7 winner: Iwona Derezinska

Doubles Box League - final tables - Oct to Dec 2021

Box 1 winners: Dan Whitney & Brian Taylor

Box 2 winner2: Jackie Whitehurst & Phil Summers