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If, as a member, you are not receiving our emails, here are the leading reasons for this and their likely solutions:

1. Albert emails are going to your junk or spam folder.

Please go to you spam or junk folder, search for emails from The Albert Club ( and mark them as "not spam".

Add the following email addresses to your address book:

This will tell your email client that you expect emails from these addresses and they are not "spam".

2. We have your work or organisation email address

Often these block some emails altogether, so emails from the Albert may not be getting through.

Please use a personal email address instead - such as gmail etc.

Contact, with this email address, and we will change your email address on our membership system.

3. We do not have your email address or have the incorrect one

Note: We don't automatically collect the email addresses for partners and children on online Joint and Family memberships.

Contact and let us know your email address. Please use a personal one rather than a work one.