Race Night 2018

This year, Race Night will be raising funds for the proposed 'Kid's Zone' at the side of the club.  We have received some funding already from Co-op Local Community Fund and the Aviva Community Fund but aim to raise a further £1000 on Friday 27th April, 2018.

The area at the far side of the club is a neglected space in need of development.  Put simply, we want to clear it, level it, lay artificial grass and put some lighting up so that our junior members have a nice safe outdoor space to play.


What is a Race Night?

A Race Night is a fundraising event in which you can bet on 8 pre-recorded horse races shown on the big screen. 

Who is it for?

Everyone.  Adults and children alike have really enjoyed the last two years we've done it and we hope to make this year the best yet!
What's more, entry is FREE to members and all children.  Non-members are also welcome (entry £5).

How do I play?

Players place bets on each of the 8 horses in each race before the start of the race at the designated betting table. Each bet costs 50p and you can place as many bets as you like!  A race is then chosen at random and played on the big screen.  
Then, just sit back, enjoy the race and cheer your horse(s) on!

What can I win?

From all the bets placed, 50% goes to the fundraising pot, the remaining 50% becomes prize money.
The prize money is then split between those players who backed the winning horse. 


In Race 1, punters have bet a total of £90 on the 8 runners. This is divided in half, so £45 goes to the club’s ‘fundraising pot’ and £45 to the ‘prize pot’. 

If horse number 2 wins and 10 tickets have been sold, each winning ticket would be worth £4.50. 
If horse number 7 wins and just 3 tickets have been sold, each winning ticket would be worth £15! 

Increase your chances of winning...buy a horse!*

Members will be given the chance to buy and name a horse for £5 prior to the evening.  
You can even name your horse (just remember it’s a family event!).  

Horses will drawn for each race ahead of the evening.  The owner of the winning horse for that race wins the prize provided by the 
Race Sponsor. There are 56 horses for sale in total. These horses will run in Races 1-7. 
 Race 8 is the feature race and the horses will be auctioned off on the evening!

*Not a real horse.

Can I sponsor a race?

Absolutely.  We are looking for individuals and local businesses to sponsor each of the 8 races.  It costs just £25 (or a donated prize equal or greater value from your company).  For that, you'll be named as the race sponsor, will have your name/business name and logo on the race card, will get mentions on social media and have your business promoted on the night!  Please contact James (manager@thealbertclub.co.uk) for more information on race sponsorship.