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How many times can guests use the clubhouse socially or to play snooker, bowls or table tennis?

Guests can use the clubhouse for a social event, or to play snooker table tennis or bowls up to six times. Occasions when they attend a publicly advertised event or a private party do not count as one of the six.


What is the advantage of being a member rather than just attending with a friend?

Guests can use the clubhouse to attend a social event, or play snooker tables tennis or bowls up to six times in total. Members receive discounted bar and food prices in addition to cheaper entrance to social events and can use the clubhouse as often as they like.


Can I join The Albert only to play bowls, snooker or table tennis?

No. General membership allows members to play snooker, table tennis and bowls as well as use the clubhouse and get discounted bar prices and entrance to social events. We have a separate Tennis membership category because the maintenance and capital investment required for the courts is way above what’s needed to maintain our other sports facilities.

Can I book a tennis court?

Floodlights can be booked from October to March, between the clocks going back and forward. This can be done online via our Court Schedule or by phone (0161 445 1056) or in person at the bar.

Do I have to be a member to play tennis?

Guests can play tennis up to three times with or without a member. When they are receiving paid for coaching or taking part in a tennis programme it is not counted as a part of the three visits.

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Can the tennis floodlights be improved?

The floodlights were upgraded in 2013 via a grant from Sport England and a financial contribution from the club. We got the best floodlights we could afford without having to spend a lot more to upgrade the supporting cabling and fuses. The lights are regularly checked and since installation we’ve had them professionally inspected to ensure they’re as good as they can possibly be.


When are courts 4-6 nearest the clubhouse going to be re-surfaced?

We plan to re-surface towards the end of 2019.